Help to pay surgery expenses for my mother

Klenti is a 24-year-old single man who needs this loan to pay for the medical expenses for his mother who suffers from a life threatening illness and has been scheduled for surgery.

Klenti and his family consist of his parents and his younger sister who live in a village. He works as a prison guard for a monthly pay of $282 while his mother works in a clothing factory in a nearby city for a monthly pay of $117.4. They are also in agriculture. They own about 8 dynyms of land and they rent about 10 more from others for a yearly rent of $31.3. They plant potatoes-5 dynyms, onions-2 dynyms. tomatoes-1 dynym, peppers-3 dynyms, corn-4 dynyms and wheat in 3 dynyms. All in all the annual earnings from the activity are $1400 from potatoes, $500 from onions, $1000 from peppers, $700 from tomatoes and $150 from the corn and they use the wheat for their family consumption.
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Created Dec 01, 2016 Albania

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