Helps me buy materials for my crafts

Genny is 46 years old and married. She has two children ages 15 and 11. Both study in high school. Her husband is a police officer. They live in Honorato Vásquez from the Santa Ana canton, a place of beautiful landscapes full of abundant vegetation and fresh water spas that are well-known by national tourists.

Genny is a woman who likes to earn her own income and help her husband to move their family forward. For this reason, she earns a living making and selling artisan crafts. She makes fabric dolls and costume jewelry made from stones and in diverse designs. She also buys handicrafts from the mountains and sells her products to the same vendors. Genny's last campaign was a great help since she did not have money to continue working as she had many expenses with the earthquake and only with the loan was she able to move forward.
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